Marisol Says It All Podcast

New Chapter Here We Come 2021 Edition

December 30, 2020

Hi Lovelies! Hope you are doing well, had a nice holiday, are staying safe and feeling my love all the way to you! 

Episode 3 is centered on recommendations on how to create intentions, values, and affirmations when completing a journey and starting a new one. With 2020 coming to an end and 2021 approaching us - it felt like the perfect timing to remind you to NOT GET OVERWHELMED thinking you have to set crazy goals for a new year!! Sometimes just dreaming is enough to get the fire started.

This episode is for anyone that starts new chapters in their life journey. It's for anyone that loves or doesn't like New Year's. It's FOR SURE for anyone that survived 2020 and is ready to see what the heck 2021 will bring. 

Story telling is so powerful. I hope you tune in, subscribe, like and review please! 

You are so magical! 




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